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Meet your guitar gods in person.

Hear world class performers up close.


We host an ongoing house concert series enabling you

to experience live music in a small setting. 


Del Rey & Suzy Thompson

Mike Compton & Joe Newberry

Jennifer Scott & Rene Worst

Teja Gerken & Doug Young

Noctambule (Marla Fibish & Bruce Victor)

Kristina Olsen & Cary Black

Scott Ainslie

Rebecca Kilgore Trio

Nancy Cassidy

Halden Wofford and the Hi*Beams

David Keenan & Nova Devonie 

Kat Bula & Cory D. Ward 

Nina Gerber & Chris Webster

Lisa Lindsley & La Belle Epoque

Sue Horowitz & EJ Cohen 

Lil' Rev

Connie Dolan with Mike Wollenberg, Julian Smedley &

    Steven Strauss

Steve Baughman

Good Ol' Persons Reunion 

Rebecca Kilgore with Chris Grampp & Cary Black

Brooks Williams

Leftover Dreams - Patrice Haan & Tony Marcus 

Kathy Kallick Band 

Coty Hogue Trio 

The Small Glories - Cara Luft and JD Edwards 

Nina Gerber and Kristina Olsen

Jennifer Scott & Rene Worst

Sylvia Herold & Chuck Ervin

Russ Barenberg

Cosy Sheridan

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out on upcoming shows in Marin.


Connie Doolan Quartet

Steve Baughman

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